I only decided to start my own blog after reading many others! Here are some of my favorites:

Healthy Living Blogs

Peanut Butter Fingers Julie is adorable and so her is puppy, Sadie! This girl posts frequently which I love. She shares tons of recipes, workout advice and photos of her little family’s antics. I really look forward to her posts.

Life Of Blyss Alyssa is a hoot! She is a running fanatic and I can only aspire to run as many races as she has! I love her photos and photoshopped captions of Chloe (her dog) and co.

Sunshine ‘n’ Spice  Meg’s was one of the first blogs I ever read. She’s witty, gorgeous and is the only blogger I’ve ever seen share her most embarrassing moments without shame. I love reading about her!

Then Heather Said Heather is strong, intelligent and open. She is also an avid reader (so am I). She makes healthy living realistic and makes sure her readers know that staying healthy goes far beyond eating right and working out like a maniac!

fANNEtastic food Anne is blonde bombshell living in North Carolina. Her passion is health: mind, body and soul. I love stealing her workouts and she comes up with some of the best recipes!

Loving Life Blogs

Love Life Project: A Happy Living Blog I love that Stephanie is so candid! Her blog is random and that’s how I like it. She openly shares her life and makes no apologies. She also got to attend a Steampunk event, super thumbs up!


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