I get to work some really awesome gigs. Seriously. I can say that with confidence because I have also worked some not so awesome gigs. It can be difficult to get excited about promoting a lame product or trying to be upbeat at an event that people just plain aren’t diggin’. Sometimes though, I get the opportunity meet amazing people, represent a brand that I am truly thrilled about and make some good cash!

Back in November I applied for a job on CL for an athletic apparel brand (note: I generally don’t apply for jobs that either don’t tell the brand name or at least the agency you’d be working for). The ad looked legit though, sounded like fun and asked specifically for a Female Market Manager, so I knew that at least 50% of my competition was out of the running! đŸ˜‰

After a lengthy interview process (interviews, especially lengthy-process ones are rare in the promotion world) I was hired as the Denver REEBOK product specialist and flown to Boston for training at their headquarters!

I got in early and had a little time for site seeing

We got Hooked UP! At the Colonnade Hotel

Rock climbing for team building

A not-so-graceful slackline dismount

The training was intensive. We were given the product specs by official Reebok market managers, put through multiple think-on-your-feet drills and basically immersed into the Reebok culture. We did have time for some fun though, we had team dinners, did plenty of team building and even did a (beginner) Cross Fit class, which is sponsored by Reebok.

After three days of rigorous orientation, the nine of us were sent back to our respective cities with loads of product information and some awesome new duds to rep Reebok for the holiday season.

What was the best promotion (or regular job) you have ever done? The Worst?


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